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TJW Films

Parent Hood - Written by Joshua Wade

Let it Go - Written by Joshua Wade

Smart Moves - Written by Joshua Wade

Cast & Crew Comments

"I honestly love everything about the production. I notice that Joshua is really great with providing feedback and not making the actor feel as though they aren't doing good enough. He is very calm and thorough when providing directions and very clear on what he expects which makes it easier for me. I love love love how he can show us what he wants from the project and allow us to make it our own, and his energy is contagious." 

- Sherina D Cox, Actress


"Working with Joshua Wade was truly the experience. He was very professional, and passionate about about this project. He made sure everyone had refreshments, and he made sure everyone was comfortable. I also got an opportunity to be a off camera actor to help with the lines. I’m forever thankful for this experience."

Isaac Gooden, Actor


"I’d like to say that your professionalism and your strong vision as a director pushed me to work harder. You’re an inspiring individual to be around. I would be honored to work beside you again." 

-Angel Alvarez, Photographer

"I truly had an amazing time working with the entire TJW Production Team on their most recent production. I worked with Joshua on his latest short film project, ‘FaceTime’ (as Brianna), and being able to work with Joshua as a Director & scene partner was an awesome acting & learning experience. Great things are definitely to come for the entire TJW Production Team! Joshua is a talented Director & Screenwriter and it shows in his work. I look forward to working with him again on other film projects in the near future!"
- Simone Reynolds, Actress    & VO

Face Time - Written By Joshua Wade

The Wind Blows On Us All - Written By Joshua Wade

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